Hey There! I am Pawani.


I'm here to share my pool of knowledge and enthusiasm for the human body. As once someone said: the human body is in the business of secret-keeping. Exploring them seems like a puzzle, apparently my ideal one. Questions like why 90% of you are not even human? What is that gut feeling? What are those emotions that you feel are? Why aren't we able to get to all of your brains yet? Questions like these create an adrenaline rush in me, a push of hormones, a force to learn more and more. 

It's a funny story that my love for the human body started with a medical show; I wasn't touched by its melodrama but by the sincere passion for medicine. I could see myself there, learn about ourselves. It felt like I would fit in like water fits in, without pressure or push. It flows itself flawlessly, taking the shape of whatever you pour it. My blogs range from tiny facts of the human body to my researched material. Reading about the human body and brain is a fascinating read. I hope you enjoy your time here, reading and learning.