Meet Pawani

Hey there! I am Pawani, high school medical student from India. I started this blog to share my passion for Medicine and Psychology  Learning is our daily life goal and the more we learn, the more we grow. 

Medicine is challenging and evolving at every step. Exploring this field is like being on an adventure and as an adventurous person, I want to fill myself with every grain of knowledge I could get. Because that’s what life is about: exploring and learning. This is an endless road, where at every step we come across many fascinating things.

I will share many great Researches that changed our outlook for life. This blog is not restricted until here, but I will also write about other medical disorders which people are still oblivious about, and studying these diseases is equivalent to ranging over medical science. 

Psychology is another interesting field, which is mysterious and full of things which are still unknown to us. Reading Psychological disorders and understanding the science of behaviour and mind can't get any more interesting. Learning is all the way up here, it is an untold road of facts and compelling things.

       I would love to know, what you think
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