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What if we get drunk after eating something sweet? I hope not because that would be terrible. There is a condition, where the intake of carbohydrates can make you drunk. This condition is known as Auto-Brewery Syndrome or Gut Fermentation.


ABS or Gut fermentation is a medical condition in which the microorganisms in our gastrointestinal tract convert carbohydrates into ethanol. 



Our gut contains many microorganisms, gut flora, trillions of them reside there.

They are a very vital part of our body: helps in digesting food, the composition of vitamins, and plays an essential role in our immune system. So, imbalance of the yeast can cause other diseases. 

The fungal yeast — saccharomyces cerevisiae —overgrowth in your intestine, particularly small intestine and caecum, can become problematic because of the composition of intoxicating quantities of ethanol through the endogenous fermentation by it in your digestive system. 


Yeast growing in your gut wonderfully ferment glucose into ethanol. To get this let's go through the process of fermentation; firstly the carbohydrates-rich food is converted into the fermentable sugars, the process of fermentation begins with the help of the catalyst— S. Cerevisiae —in our body. 

It starts by the breakdown of the glucose into 2 molecules of pyruvate through glycolysis— it produces ATP and NADPH and releases it in our body —The pyruvate is converted into 2 molecules of the acetaldehyde by the pyruvate decarboxylase. Then the ultimate product ethanol is formed.  

It was a concise description of the fermentation by S. Cerevisiae in our gut.


It is a very rare chronic condition, it is prevailing in patients with diseases like diabetes, obesity, Crohn disease ( inflammatory bowel disease). It can also occur in healthy individual as it is mainly because of the growth of bacteria and fungi in our gut.  

The patient may experience side effects of vomiting, belching, dizziness, loss of coordination, disorientation, veisalgia, irritable bowel symptoms and chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome can result in health problems such as anxiety, depression, and poor productivity. 

It can be identified in both male and females adults, as well as children but is likely underdiagnosed. 

As it is a chronic disease, can not be treated, but it is controlled by some factors:

  • Consumption of drugs

  • Diet therapy

  • Avoiding the intake of carbohydrates in the diet

  • Immediate care 

Writer’s note - 

It is an interesting disease to study about, so go through the amazing book “my gut makes alcohol.” And you will find some fascinating things about the same. I am going to drop some of the case studies about it to give you more information about the ABS. 

Thank you!






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