• Pawani Chauhan

Debunking Myths about Mental Illness

Mental illness has been one of the most trending topics in 2020.

There is a great irony behind mental illness: Ages ago people sickened from mental illness, but could not do anything about it because of a lack of treatment resources. But now people suffer from mental illness, but cannot reach for help even when there is a treatment, because of a lack of awareness.

Our statements and myths have made challenging for people, who are suffering from mental illness to reach out. These myths in society have made people have a lack of knowledge about themselves and dragged them to a dark world where reaching for help is a path full of barriers.

So, here are some Myths we should be aware of and stop them from narrowing the knowledge for mental health.

Myth Number 1

Mental illness cannot be cured.

Psychiatry provides various treatments for mental illness and there have been many cases where people have been cured and these treatments have transformed their life. Every therapy, medication, and change in the environment of one has contributed to reducing symptoms and help with treatment.

Myth Number 2

People with mental illness don’t have a normal life: they are violent and can be the reason for crimes in society.

People with mental illness may be as productive and have a normal life like any other person. People with mental illness are victims here, most of them are so disturbed that exhibit suicidal behavior. But, not all

mental illness cause such behavior, they can be treated have an absolutely ordinary life.

Myth Number 3

People with mental illness will isolate themselves from society and stay alone.

An individual may or may not isolate himself/herself, they might just stay in social areas and have behavior deficits. There are all kinds of mental illness and not every illness makes a person sluggish or stay in isolation.

Myth Number 4.

You can do nothing for someone suffering from mental illness.

This is the biggest misconception about mental illness. Studies and researches have shown that love and support trigger various parts of your brain which helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Support, love, and care contribute to the treatment of mental illness.

Myth Number 5

People with mental illness are just attention seekers and they act so because they like feeling miserable.

Mental illness is one the most common illness out there: in children, youngsters, and adults. People think that a person who suffers from mental illness is just in a phase and can snap out of it with their will power. But that’s not the case, a person with mental illness has exhibited changes in their brain wiring and have chemical imbalances which cannot be treated simply by willpower.

Creating a safe place for our minds should be our priority; let’s not normalize these myths; let's take a step to educate ourselves and create awareness about Mental illness.

We all need to step up its high time and be aware of how we can keep our most complex system well, also not only of ourselves but for others too. Let’s share these myths and bust all the myth balloons out there.

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