• Pawani Chauhan

Opportunistic Black Fungus

Black Fungus is also known as Mucormycosis. The opportunist Black Fungus finding its way to India, causing an epidemic. The questions of what it is and how it affecting the COVID patients are orbiting around our brain.

Around 11,000 cases of black fungus have been reported in India, causing an epidermis.


Black fungus is the fungus found on stale food, the greenish blackish mould on rotten bread, fruits, or vegetables. It is present in stale food, cow dung or animal dung, damp or moist soil. It isn't like that we haven't been exposed to it before. We certainly have seen it and already know about it. The route of black fungus starts at the

Nose cavity ---> Nasal Mucosa ---> Paranasal Sinus ---> Congestion in the nose.

It can spread from the nose to the eyes, brain: through nasal vessels passing through crib reform, and lungs causing pulmonary mucous mycosis. The black fungus grows on the walls of the blood vessels.t And it constricts the flow of blood which causes ischemia.

The COVID Cases have taken their peak in the second wave. The black fungus has also made its way to us because of our low immunity due to COVID. We have observed that the black fungus targets diabetic and COVID patients. The question is Why.


The patient who is at high risk of black fungus are as follow:

  • COVID patients: As the immunity is weak in the COVID patients, it is easier to get infected. Viral infections often raise sugar levels which cause acid to build up. Hence, the opportunistic fungal settle in, leading to narcosis.

  • Diabetic Patient (Type I & II):

  1. Diabetes I leads to Ketoacidosis leads to an acidic environment, which promotes the growth of Mucormycosis.

  2. Diabetes II leads to high glucose, which further causes lactic acidosis as cells do not produce enough energy. They damage themselves. Hence, the growth of fungus gets easier.

  • Steroids: It inhibits the immune system and makes it easier for fungus settles in.

  • Burn Patients: They form acidosis as well.

  • Malnutrition: As immunity doesn't have the energy to fight off the infection. Also, the liver is weak enough to make proteins.


  1. Congested Nose

  2. Swollen Eyes

  3. Fever

  4. Headache

  5. Vomit with blood

  6. Cough

  7. Shortness of breath

  8. Necrosis Tissue

It is crucial to get the treatment immediately before the fungus spreads itself and kills the tissue leading it to turn black.

The treatment of black fungus is expensive as it includes various costly drugs and surgery as the removal of the dead tissue need to be done to stop the spread of the infection.


If you are living where exposure to black fungus is viable, then the following precautions are a must:

  1. Hygiene is the utmost priority.

  2. Wear Masks

  3. Long sleeves and Trousers (So that skin is not exposed to it)

  4. Gloves and Long shoes.

2020-2021 has been a terrible year for each one of us. The outbreak of infections has led to catastrophic events. The only thing that makes us human and makes us get through the situation is that we can rely on each other. We will fight this together by helping and being there for each other. Being aware is the first step to the precaution and a safe and well you. I hope you all are safe and taking care of yourself and the people around you.

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