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The World Mental Health Day is not the only day to talk about mental health; instead, it should day to celebrate everyday discussion about mental health. Every day should be a day to break the stigma of mental health. 2020 is a year addressing all human problems! Through the pandemic, we understood the value of kindness and love.

Showing Kindness towards one another is what we all need to do, but before that, we have to be kind to ourselves. Let's Take a Moment and read ways to boost ourselves!


The first way to Happy Self is to let go of the emotions that are stuck inside. We all have moments when we are overthinking, and we have a lot of feelings trapped inside. It is always better to let the balloon of your emotions go. Sometimes all we seek is a good listener. Sometimes we don't need advice for a better life, but just a comfort zone to let go of our emotions. Don't we all seek a safe place: where we can talk, and no-one judges us? I guess we do, So let us start that place from ourselves and be a good listener for someone.


We all have people around us. It is noteworthy to know who makes us feel better about ourselves, and who is kind to us. Taking a moment to let go of toxic people and objects is the best way to be kind to yourself. Holding onto people who disrespect your feelings and phases of your life is one thing that affects our mental health in lots of ways.


In a pandemic, the usage of social media has drastically increased, and so the mental health issues. We should have a note on our screen time because it is not only filling up your mind with the diversity of opinions around, that is affecting your mental health. Where social media helps to connect to people, it also disconnects us from us. So, having a check on yourself is a way to overcome anxiety. Being alone with your thoughts without any brain stimulation is always a way to a good life, just like old times.


We all have interests and things that fascinate us. It is very uplifting to find something you want in the long-term and then working for it.

Engaging in work that you love is a way to boost yourself; Having time with ourselves and our work is something that drives us to a great mood road.


If stress, anxiety, and mood interrupt your daily life activity. If the ups and downs become too rough for you, it is always better to ask for help from a professional. There is no harm in connecting to professionals for your emotions. We all feel the different intensity of emotions; It is okay to seek for a listening ear and medication for yourself. Mental illness is no shame.

These are some simple ways to great mood and lowering the stress from daily life. We all can live a happy life. We all go through ups and downs, but we should know the extent they are hurting us; being good to ourselves is the first step to the mental health problem.

We should know that our brain rewires from what we say to ourselves and others, from what we see and show, and from what we hear. It would be great if we know that what we are shaping us into, having good company around, and having good media is very important for our brain.

Feed your brain with a positive thoughts to have a positive you!
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